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My name is Jesús Castañeda but you may know me as DJ JAY LIMA. I was born in Lima, Peru and arrived to Queens, New York in 1989. I grew up listening diverse music from Peruvian Folklore to hiphop and salsa. From a very young age I loved music and was the DJ for parties in High School and college. In 2000 I took my passion to the next level playing for large events and for the Peruvian community.

In 2014 I changed my name from DJ Jay to DJ Jay Lima. The keys to my success have been my abilities, charisma, energy, humility. As I look towards the future I want to play at bigger venues, parties, and for all communities...  Read more

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Released: 11/30/2015
Tag: Dj Jay Lima
Format: Digital Download

  1. Salsa Peruana Antonio Cartagena Josimar Y Su Yambu DJ LIMA 15:36
  2. JAY LIMA REGGAETON 2018 16:28
  3. Dj Jay Lima ( ) Salsita Suave 21:20
  4. Dj Jay Lima Reggaeton Just Chilling 1 16:54
  5. DJ JAY LIMA Mix Cumbia Peruana Grupo 5 Mix Chilala Corazon Serrano 19:51
  6. DJ JAY LIMA Just Chilling House Music 1 10:55

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